Cruise Tour for anniversary celebration


At 10 a.m. on December 15, 2017, a total of 20 employees of Zhonghui Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd took the Royal Caribbean Cruise "Ocean Quantum" and began a four-day and three-night trip to Japan.

In a busy year, the company has achieved good results. While everyone gathered together, they also enriched the spare time, increased the communication and collaboration between departments, and made the family of Zhonghui Medical more harmonious, so as to better enhance corporate cohesion.



Ocean Quantum is a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  Featuring many groundbreaking facilities never seen before,, Polaris is supported by a 360-degree rocker arm at an altitude of nearly 100 meters from the sea level, allowing visitors to have a panoramic view of the huge hull and the vast seascape. As the first cruise ship in the Quantum series, "Ocean Quantum" weighs about 168,000 tons and can accommodate 4,180 passengers. It is one of the ten largest cruise ships in the world. There are different styles of restaurants, bars, dessert houses, gyms, swimming pools, shops, etc., as well as different types of performances every night.

Throughout the journey, all the staff were always enveloped by a harmonious and warm atmosphere, and every day was full of laughter. We lined up together to eat and watch various programs, to play cards and board games, to exchange ideas and enhance feelings ,which let everyone feel the affection and touch after work, realize that we were a harmonious team, a warm family, and let everyone experience the good intentions of the company to organize this tour.



The journey of four days and three nights soon came to an end. While in the aftertaste of the journey, we must start preparing for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to the work and make contributions for the vigorous development.