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    Education requirements
    Number of recruiters
    Release Time
Electronic R&D EngineerShanghaiBachelor's degree or above12020-07-24
  • Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above; major in circuit design, electronics or related.
    2. Have solid basic knowledge and good practical ability.
    3. Applicants with experience in developing large medical devices are preferred.
    4. Good team spirits, innovative and independent ability to acquire new knowledge.
  • Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the technical design, development and trial production of ultrasonic electronic equipment.
    2. Responsible for solving the problems in the electronic product development and manufacturing process; responsible for providing timely and effective support.
    3. Responsible for product design and development validation; responsible for explanation and handling of related technical issues.
    4. Responsible for participating in the verification and evaluation of new product technologies.
    5. Responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of product prototype design and development.
    6. Responsible for proposing product improvement suggestions based on internal and external customer feedback.
    7. Responsible for performing other tasks.
Process EngineerShanghaiBachelor's degree or above12020-07-24
  • Job requirements:

    1. Familiar with ISO9001, ISO13485; applicants with experience in process design of medical products are preferred.
    2. Bachelor’s degree or above; major in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electric engineering or related majors.
    3. Proficient in OFFICE software and relevant engineering design drawing software.
    4. Good communication skills and team work spirits; familiar with safety regulation system.
  • Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the company’s process technology and process management; formulate the short-term and long-term development plan and develop technical measures.
    2. Responsible for the design of process equipment according to process requirements; also for validation and improvement of process tooling.
    3. Responsible for the design of process plan and technological process according to the requirements; also for the preparation of process manual, quality control point instruction and other process documents.
    4. Responsible for new product drawing countersign and new product batch trial production process tooling design; also for the improvement of trial production report and related process data; participate in new product identification.
    5. Participate in the design and development of new products and small batch trial production process, analyze and solve the assembly and debugging process problems of products.
    6. Responsible for the regular process review of the existing products.
    7. Assist HR department in technical education and training for employees.
Electrical R&D EngineerShanghaiBachelor's degree or above12020-07-24
  • Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above; major in electrical engineer and automation or related specilities;
    2. Have experience in power distribution equipment; applicants with a knowledge of research, development, process control and product performance of medical electrical equipment are preferred.
    3. Proficient in CAD software; familiar with current electrical engineering design specifications and applied technical standards.
    4. Have good professional quality and coordination ability.
  • Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the electrical design of products: including electrical drawings and electrical component selection, etc.
    2. Responsible for the evaluation of suppliers for electrical outsourcing and the introduction and transformation of technology involved.
    3. Responsible for solving technical problems and estimating cost and time.
    4. Responsible for the production of prototype trial; participate in field tests, deal with electrical faults and put forward product improvement measures.
    5. Responsible for the confirmation of the final product or system and the preparation of the production documents, manuals and other related documents.
Quality Inspector (QC)ShanghaiBachelor's degree or above12020-06-24
  • Job requirements:

    1、 Bachelor's degree or above; major in medical device manufacturing; applicants who are acquainted with electronic medical appliances circuits and capable of circuit board design are preferred.
    2、 Have more than two years of quality inspection experience; applicants who are acquainted with the process of relevant inspection documents, is preferred.
    3、 Have the relevant professional knowledge and ability; be able to categorize, analyze and make reports on the technical performance and data of the testing products.
    4、 Be able to organize and coordinate testing and field execution.
    5、 Be able to master and apply the regulations of relevant national standards and industry standards.
    6、 Have the knowledge of quality management method; master OFFICE and other basic office software; have good professional quality.
  • Job responsibilities:

    1、 Responsible for the inspection of the raw materials and auxiliary materials, process product and procedure inspection, outgoing quality control, related record filling, sorting and summarizing, regular analysis and reports of the quality information.
    2、 Responsible for controlling non-conforming products according to non-conforming product control procedures, making timely statistics, problem reports and cause analysis and confirming and verifying the corrective and preventive measures to prevent non-conformity.
    3、 Responsible for the use, calibration and routine maintenance of the testing instruments and equipment; also for relevant record fillings.
    4、 Responsible for the homologation of markings and traceability; ensure that markings comply with specified requirements.
    5、 Responsible for the assistance in the establishment, implementation, operation, supervision and improvement of company system documents.

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